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House Siding Calculator

Our house siding calculator uses six questions to effectively provide ballpark pricing for your next new or replacement project. Play around with it to tease out how different materials and sized project affect the overall cost.

House Siding Calculator Basics

Here is how our house siding calculator works. Enter the type of cladding you would like to use - choices include vinyl, composite,brick stone and . Each of these materials has a per square foot price a associated with it. Choose whether you will need to remove the existing siding or not. Removal adds $1 per square foot to the cost of installation. Enter the size of the project - any size between 1000 and 5000 square feet.

Next enter the basic product grade. Entry level would be a lower end, builder grade product, mid range would be the next product upgrade from entry level and high end would be a premium priced siding. Finally enter you zip code and hit "find pricing" button. Within seconds, our house siding calculator will provide a ballpark pricing for your next cladding project!

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