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Finding the best house siding contractors is one of the first and perhaps the most important step for your project. We will run through five keys to finding and selecting top local siding contrators. For more pricing, see our house siding calculator.

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First Key - Understand What They Do

The first key is simply to understand what an important role the installer or contractor plays. The only way water, window, rain, snow or debris can enter your home is through the walls, roof, windows and doors. The walls make up a good portion of this area and any moisture that gets behind the walls can cause damage over time. Poor siding installation (assuming the roof and windows are properly installed and sealed) is the number one reason for warping or cracking to siding panels that can then lead to moisture getting behind the walls. Proper and professional installation will keep your family comfortable, warm and living in an energy efficient home for the next 25 to 30 years. Bottom Line: Take your time finding the right contractor for your job.

Second Key - Collect 3 Or 4 Free Estimates

Each project is unique so free quotes from local contractors is a great way to understand just what your project entails. The process also helps educate you about what goes into a siding project, the necessary materials and the range of costs involved. Once you have all of your quotes, sit down and compare them. Take a look at the cost of the materials, all additional materials and the price for the installation itself. Are any of them out of line compared to the others? Unless there is a very good reason (they are including siding for the garage, extensive removal etc.) you should eliminate them. Homeowners can get a bid for $20K from one company and $10K from another company for the very same job - using the exact same products and materials.

Third Key - Ask Professionals About The Bids

Log in to one of these home forums ( or and post a new topic about your project bid(s). Include as many specifics as possible - how much siding you will need, the cost for additonal materials, pricing on the siding itself, the cost for the installation, and anything else such as disposal or removal fees. The more specific you are the better. At the end of your post ask for opinions on the bid price and the specific siding that your contractor intends to use. Typically, you will come away with one of two answers. The first is that the bids seem in line with current pricing and the product is good or acceptable. The second is that the bids and/or products are "off" in some way and you should continue searching for additional bids.

Fourth Key - Vet The Contractors

Assuming you receive a thumbs up from the forum(s), you will need to make sure the contractor or company provides good work and services. Check their website or facebook page and make sure they present themselves somewhat professionaly (this isn't a must, but by now most professional companies should have a decent online presence). See if there are consumer reviews on them - check, Angies List (if you belong), the BBB or google local (these are the google listings you find if you search for something like "phoenix siding contractor").

Check their references to make sure they stand behind their past work. Call up two or three of their past clients and see if they liked the work, whether the company was professional, how the siding has held up, and whether or not any problems occurred during the project (were these handles to the homeowner's satisfaction)?

Fifth Key - Some Final Points

Ask the contractor if they do the work or if they have a crew that does the actual work. How long has he worked with them, how are they paid (you want a crew that is paid a fair hourly rate), is he confident that they will do the job properly and not cut corners. How many jobs has the contractor done with this particular product? Has he ever had any issues with the siding itself? If so, did he work with the manufacturer to repair or replace any areas quickly and efficiently. Does the contract or work order you sign include an installation provision guaranteeing the work for at least five years? If you get these questions answered to your satisfaction, you can go into your project feeling much more confident that the work will be done properly and will last for many years to come.

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