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Cedar Siding

Cedar siding runs about $3.50 to $6.50 per square foot installed and the shingles are a natural and beautiful cladding material. They are easy to install and while they won't last as long as a fiber cement or vinyl, they can provide an excellent siding for 20 to 25 years. To price out cedar shingles, try our siding calculator.

cedar siding

Brick Siding Basics

Cedar is one of the most popular wood cladding options due to its natural beauty and many innate qualities. It is easy to install and creates a very natural and rich beauty when done right. Over time, cedar will fade and lose its natural color, especially shingles with lots of sun exposure. While most cedar shingles are treated to protect the shingles from the elements, they will eventually begin to break down - whether from the sun or the moisture that gets into the shingle. Many homeowners who love the look of cedar let them naturally weather and fade over time and understand that they will need to reshingle every 20 years.

Low To Mid Level Cost

Low to mid level cost is $3.50 to $5 per square foot, which includes the shingles, all additional materials and all costs associated with professional installation. White cedar is a less expensive option, although it does not typically last as long as a more traditional red cedar. The white cedar does, however, fade nicely and will take on a silver tint or color that many homeowners find quite attractive.

Price: $3.50 to $5 psf installed

Mid Level To High End Cost

Mid level to high end cost is $5 to $6.50 per square foot, which includes the shingles, all additional materials and all costs associated with professional installation. Red cedar is the more expensive option (found in the Pacific Northwest) and typically lasts long than the white cedar. The red cedar can take on a darker color over time, especially with constant exposure to run, snow and moisture. See our recommendations on shingle cladding.

Cost: $5 to $6.50 psf installed

Benefits - Natural Beauty

Cedar is a natural wood species that has wonderful color qualities and wood grain that adds wonderful charm to a home. Obviously, cedar will add a more rustic feel - although many homeowners use a wood board or vinyl siding and then add cedar for an accent wall to stunning effect. While the material is most often found on homes in more rural areas, especially in the Northwest, cedar shingles can be used on any home to add natural beauty and a little earthy appeal.

Natural Insulator

Wood is a great natural insulator, making cedar shingles a great way to help insulate your home. The wood itself has a natural deterrant to insects and bugs - most shingles are also treated with a material that also deters insects and protects the wood from the outside elements.


The real disadvantage of cedar is that it breaks down over time. Retreating the shingles every 5 years or so will certainly prolong the life of the shingles, but eventually they will break down. The other effect this has is to elevate the long term cost for the homeowner. If you have to re-side your home every 25 years as opposed to every 40, the cost to you is quite a bit higher. The flip side is that homeowners who love the look and richness of cedar take real pleasure in the look of their home.

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