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Brick Siding

Brick siding runs about $6 to $12 per square foot installed is a rather expensive option that can add a charming and debonair look to a home. Often it is used only on a portion of the home as an accent, providing a unique design element to a wall or section. To price out this option, click on our house siding calculator.

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Brick Siding Basics

Brick offers a traditional look that is often used as an accent on a portion of the home, although brick can also be used on the entire exterior as in a more traditional Georgian style. Brick can present some structural challenges due to its weight, but when done right it can create huge charm and character. Some companies also offer a brick veneer, which is an actual brick face that is only an inch or two thick that can be applied to the existing walls. This is a nice option because it weighs considerably less and can be installed with less hassle and cost.

Low End To Mid Range Pricing

Low end to mid range pricing is $6 to $9 per square foot - this is the installed price for the brick itself, all additional materials and installation. The installation cost is where brick gets expensive because you have to hire a mason to mortar the bricks together. As well, the walls may need to be reinforced to support the added weight.

Cost: $6 to $9 psf installed

Mid To Hig End Pricing

Mid to high end pricing is $9 to $12 - this is the installed price for the brick itself, all additional materials and installation. Higher quality bricks or custom colors and finishes can add to the product cost and again the installation cost for the mason and any reinforcements to the existing structure can add significantly to the overall project cost.

Cost: $6 to $12 psf installed

Benefits - Real Charm

Brick has a natural, slightly rustic look that can add a unique element to a home. Some homeowners may also add brick to an interior wall, often on the lower half to add a deep red or rust to a kitchen or dining room. Some homes are done entirely in brick, which can be very expensive but can certainly create a very unique home in any neighborhood.

Variety Of Options

Brick can be purchased as a flat tile, panel or interlocking designs. There are also faux or imitation options, although cheap version tend to look like, well, cheap versions. Certain manufacturers use different pigments and finishes to create a tradiionally rough look or a more modern and smooth look. There are also many lengths and widths that all work to create very different looks from the standard 3" by 10" red bricks.

Easy Maintenance

Brick siding is very durable, able to withstand storms and extreme weather. The occassional chip or dent sometimes even adds to the overall aesthetic, whereas with vinyl or board siding blemishes and dents make the cladding look old and dated.


The real disadvantage is the cost associated with the installation. Many older homes cannot support the added weight without extensive work to the existing walls. An experienced contractor or mason shold be able to assess whether the addition of brick siding will be relatively straight forward project or one that is going to significantly add to the project price tag.

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