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Board And Batten Siding

Board and batten siding runs about $3.50 to $7 per square foot installed and is a vertical cladding approach that can add a very classy look to a home. The cladding can be made of any material and is available in any number of width, lengths and color combinations - providing homeowners with tons of great options. To check pricing on this cladding, see our house siding calculator.

board and batten siding

Board And Batten Siding Basics

Board and battens are a very simple concept that can add a distinctive and classy look to a home. The boards are placed vertically, with the battens placed in between so that they extend out from the boards and create a ridge every couple of feet. The board and battens can be manufactured out of any material, although wood, vinyl and fiber cement are the most common. Perhaps the best thing about board and battens is that they are available in tons of colors and homeowners can mix and match for the desired effect. In the picture above, they have used two different board colors on the two different faces of the buildings and then used white battens to help soften and highlight the rich board colors.

Entry To Standard Range Prices

The entry to mid price range is $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot installed and includes all materials and installation. The material used will determine the price, with vinyl and engineered wood at the lower end of the price range. For real wood options, a simply plywood or T-111 will be one of the least expensive option and will run in that $4 to $5.50 psf price range.

Cost Range: $3.50 to $5.50 psf installed

Standard To High End Prices

The mid to high range is $5.50 to $7 per square foot installed and includes all materials and installation. Most board and battens in this price range will be a high end wood or primed and painted fiber cement. The grade of wood will be a huge determinant of price, perhaps a pine or oak species.

Cost Range: $5.50 to $7 psf installed

Benefits - Charming Look

This cladding has a charming look that often makes for a traditional looking home (these have been used on homes for centuries because it was relatively expensive, while some providing lots of options). As we mentioned earlier, boards can be painted any color and homeowners can mix and match to achieve the color palette that fits their sensibilities.

Variety Of Materials

With board and battens, you aren't limited to one material. Instead, homeowners can find the cladding material that meets their budget and aesthetic needs and then apply to board and batten "design" to their home. There will obviously be some pros and cons to whichever material the homeowner selects.

Added Height

Board and battens are almost always hung vertically and therefore add a sense of height to any home or structure. This is obviously an optical illusion, but one that can provide a bit more height and grandeur to a home.

Easy To Install

Board and battens are relatively easy to install. Vertical boards tend to be relatively easy to install, although fiber cement boards present some additional challenges and will add to the cost. In general, the boards are hung against the wall and then the battens are hung in between the boards to hide the seams.


There are no real disadvantages to this approach, unless of course the homeowner doesn't like the look and design. In this case, simply choose another approach.

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