House Siding Options | Basics, Costs & Advantages

House Siding Options

House Siding Options

There are more choices than ever when it comes to house siding options. So how do you know which option is best for your home. Discover information on the most popular cladding choices and learn about the basics, costs, advantages and disadvantages to each of the main options. Get pricing information with our house siding calculator and learn about how to select the best contractor for the job.

House Siding Options & Materials

There are more choices than ever when it comes to house siding options and materials. They all have their benefits and detractors as well as their basic price range that homeowners can expect to spend. We have listed the most popular options and included a brief description. Find in depth information on the basics, costs, advantages and disadvantages of each of these cladding materials.

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Costs And Pricing

Find a list of house siding costs and pricing listed per square foot with installation. These price ranges cover the price of the siding itself, all additional materials and the cost of the installation. For instance, aluminum is in the middle of the pack in terms of cost. The type, grade and length of the panel will affect costs, as well as the finish and color options that you select. $5 to $8 psf includes the cladding, all additional materials and the labor or installation portion of the project.

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Our Recommendations

Making recommendations is tricky business, we understand this. Our recommendations are based on what we hear from contractors and installers as well as from the latest Consumer Reports siding ratings. Always speak with several contractors to find out what products they recommend and which products they have had success with in the past.

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Finding The Best Contractors

Finding the best contractors for your project is one of the first and perhaps the most important step. Poor siding installation (assuming the roof and windows are properly installed and sealed) is the number one reason for warping or cracking to panels that can then lead to moisture getting underneath and causing expensive damage. We will run through five keys to finding and selecting top local contrators.

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